Senegal – West Afric Pharma finally ready to produce

February 3, 2013 6:24 pm0 commentsViews: 289

Omar Tazi, CEO of Sothema and West Afric Pharma

While the implementation of the Senegalese branch of Moroccan Pharmaceutical company Sothema (one of the biggest Moroccan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer) was delayed during its startup, it will finally start manufacturing under normal conditions thanks to the certificate of conformity granted by Senegal authorities.

Moroccan Sothema CEO, Omar Tazi is still angry. He has been losing money for five years because of delays in the start of production of its Senegalese subsidiary manufacturing plant, West Afric Pharma (WAP). “The turnover of about 20 million Euros is not enough to cover the costs of the factory,” he says.


Finally certified to manufacturing standards, it has been “fully authorized”. The reception will be held in late January. The inauguration by Mohammed VI and Macky Sall is announced. Until then, WAP was merely selling products coming from the parent company in Sothema. In addition, there will be now generics manufactured locally.

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