Nigeria – Afrik Pharma taps in Nigeria’s intravenous gap

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Afrik Pharma taps

Source : hopefornigeriaonline

The indigenous producer of intravenous solutions, Afrik Pharmaceuticals plc, has stated investors are rallying sources to make sure company will take the lead within the production of intravenous medicines in the nation.

With an installed capacity of 396,000 litres annually, it has proposed a 300 percent increase within the next 12 months, equivalent to 1.2 million litres of intravenous products yearly.

Emeka Onyema, chairman, board of directors, who disclosed this at the extra-ordinary general of the company in Lagos, said the company was set to achieve this through increase in its market share, opening a new range of medical products and aggressive marketing strategy.

Onyema confirmed that drips were one of the most important and basic medical products.
While the demand for made-in Nigeria infusions currently stands at over 60 million litters per annum within Nigeria and other African countries, Onyema noted that its planned to expand its production capacity in a bid to capture market share in the intravenous market in the country.

A cursory look at Nigeria’s intravenous infusion market shows that IV infusion therapy is becoming increasingly important in overall health care treatment regimens as new developments in antibiotics and other medications used in areas such as chemotherapy, burn centres, and renal/peritoneal dialysis centres favour intravenous use and application.

Interestingly, over 8 million (5%) of Nigeria’s 160 million people, representing those who are in the hospital, use infusions of varying volumes with the demand for IV infusion in Nigeria estimated to be huge.

[Source : HopeforNigeriaOnline ]

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