DR Congo – Pharmaceutical operators seeking lighter taxes

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Congolese PhD Researcher developing new anti-malarial treatments in Belgium in partnership with Kinshasa University.

Congolese Pharmaceutical operators have called on Friday 1st February 2013 the Government to give them more tax benefits by exempting them from certain taxes.

Joseph Ilunga, Pharmagros CEO, a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products in DR Congo, says he needs 5 million US$ to maximize his production. The pharmacist Basil Ntondele would need 1 million US$ to equip his 3000 m² plant on the near Kinshasa.

Pharmagros’ CEO explained that his company has a small production unit in DR Congo, where it manufactures vitamins while more sophisticated drugs are imported from abroad. This company is operational since 1981 and empoys 50 persons.

For its part, the researcher Basil Tondele complains of not being supported by the Congolese government. He is Specialized in the manufacture of herbal natural medicines. He said he is exposed to heavy taxes and bureaucracy. Son of a traditional practitioner, he has already put on the National and International market several plant-based medicines such as Méyamicine, Diasostymile and Zinginalis.

Pharmagros’ CEO also explained that in order to promote domestic pharmaceutical production, some products like quinine, mebendazole, paracetamol and amoxycillin are prohibited for importation.

According to the Federation of Enterprises of Congo (FEC), there are about 28 pharmaceutical industries in DR Congo.

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