Algeria – US companies for the Sidi Abdellah Biotech Hub

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Sidi Abdellah Biotech Hub as it should be in 2020

A delegation of officials from several American pharmaceutical companies were in December  2012 in Algiers to take part to the 5th Session of the Steering Committee for the biotechnology cluster project of Sidi Abdallah.

This meeting brought together representatives of the Algerian Ministry of Health, Industry, Higher

Education, Labour and Planning for the Algerian side, and officials of the American Pharmaceutical Industry (PhRMA) for the US Side.

The U.S. side was represented by 7 big Pharma (Merck, Pfizer, Eli-Lilly, Amgen, Abbott, Bristol Myers Squibb & Janssen), a CRO (Arianne Corporation) and two companies in the medical equipments sector (GE Healthcare & Varian Medical Systems).

In addition, six European Pharma companies, which were also associated with the biotechnology project Sidi Abdallah, participated to this meeting (Bayer, Roche, AstraZeneca, Glaxo Smith Kline, Novartis and Boehringer).

During this meeting, the parties developped the roadmap and defined all stages of commitments for the development of the biotechnology cluster, according to the Chairman of the Business Algerian-American Council (USABC), Smail Chikhoune.

The meeting of the steering committee, which will was held on Dec. 6, was preceded by a conferenc

e entitled” Algeria 2020 – Partnership”.

During this conference, the Algerian parties stated the needs for short and long-term trainings in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, and at all levels (schools of medicine, hospitals and R&D centers), Mr. Chikhoune said.

In this perspective, the U.S. delegation proposed formulas for cooperation by sending in Algeria, trainers and experts for the training of Doctors and scientists in Pharmaceutical and Medical Research & Development. These training projects will concern mainly the faculties of medicine and pharmacy, the Pasteur Institute of Algiers and Constan
Training agreement have been established with Harvard Institute of Medicine,  the American Institute of Medical Research (NIH) and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.tine and the future Sidi Abdellah Biotech Center.

The project entitled “Algeria Vision 2020″ is to create in Algeria, in partnership with the American pharmaceutical companies, a regional Center of eExcellence in the field of biotechnology that will “shine on Africa and the Middle East”, like the other similar regional centers of Boston, Singapore and Ireland.

The starting of this project is scheduled for 2013. The Biotechnology Center’s mission is to contribute to the development of scientific research, the exploitation of results from the Research and the mastering manufacturing in the biotechnology field.

[Algeria Press Service]

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