Algeria – The import bill of drugs increased by 34%

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douanes-algerieAlgeria’s imports of pharmaceutical products reached during the first five months of this year, 1.02 billion dollars (USD), against 758.6 million usd, up 34.85%, indicates the Algerian Customs.

In contrast, the total quantities imported pharmaceuticals are estimated at 11,263 tons against 14,833 tons in the same period of comparison, down more than 24%, say the figures obtained by the APS.

The increase in the import bill was driven mainly by the increase of almost 36% of imports of medicinal products for human use, according to the National Centre for Informatics and Statistics (CNIS) Customs. The bill for medicines for human use represents, during the five months of the year, 96% of the total volume of Algerian imports of pharmaceutical products.

For veterinary medicinal products, purchases of Algeria abroad fell 1.62%, reaching 13.12 million usd (244 tons) against 12.91 million USD. Local production, which currently accounts for 40% of the domestic market is expected to reach 65% in 2015, according to forecasts professionals who believe that the current national pharmaceutical potential achieves this objective, particularly with all the investment projects in the sector.

To reduce the invoice of imported medicines and ensure comprehensive health coverage at lower costs, governments are committed to achieving a local production rate of 70% in the coming years. “If the investment projects in the field of pharmaceutical industry are achieved, they will put Algeria in a strong position to cover not only the domestic market but also for export”, had recently told APS, President of the National Union of Operating Pharmacy (UNOP) Abdelouahed Kerrar.

He said he is currently “significant” investment in a number of operational units estimated production at 70 and 117 projects in progress or investment intentions officially registered.

The national drug market is estimated at more than $ 2.5 billion, including $ 1.85 billion worth of imports and the rest is local production, 84% is provided by the private sector and 16% by the public sector. Algerian pharmaceutical imports totaled 2.28 billion usd in 2013 (1.96%), while the amounts declined by 6.74% to $ 33 389 tonnes compared to 2012.

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