Algeria – Installation of National Drug Advisory Committee

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Abdelaziz Ziari, Algerian Ministry of Health has the difficult challenge to invert the ratio drug locally manufactured VS drug imported (30%-70%) by 2014 (70%-30%).

The Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Abdelaziz Ziari, conducted Thursday in Algiers, the installation of the National Drug Advisory Committee (CNPC) in the presence of pharmaceutical directors, producers and unionists.

The CNPC will be chaired by the director of pharmacy and medical equipment at the Ministry of Health, Mr Hafid Hamou.

The role of this committee is to provide ideas and solutions that will regulate the drug market in Algeria, to reduce disruptions and shortages of pharmaceuticals and develop the local pharmaceutical industry.

“Our goal is to put an end to administrative and bureaucratic obstacles that hinder investment initiatives and drug production in Algeria and easier pharmaceuticals operators for local industry covers 70% of local needs,” said Minister during the installation of the committee.

The committee will meet at the rate of once per month and will expose, throughout the progressive meetings, the difficulties faced by operators in their activities and propose solutions to please all pharmaceutical players.

M. Ziari insisted on the protection of domestic production, one of the priorities of this committee, and encouraged the partnership with foreign firms, the moment the collaboration will produce purely Algerian products and not the relocation of foreign companies.

In this sense, the minister said that an office will be established at the ministry and will have the role to support domestic investors and to direct them.

For their part, pharmaceutical operators called for updating the list of drugs prohibited for import, reducing administrative barriers to investment and encourage productive competitiveness.

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